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What Are Your Plans For 2017?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. A quick vlog I recorded whilst driving. I mainly focus on what my plans are for 2017.

    I'd love to hear what you guys have planned for the new year so please leave a comment below :)

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  2. My Goals are:-

    1. To increase the number of addons for WP Email Capture to 4 (currently have 2)
    2. Release a new premium plugin on Winwar Media
    3. Build a SEO & Social Course for Bloggers
    4. Speak at 2 WordCamps and 1 Non WordCamp event
    5. Increase the amount of affiliate sites I own by 1
    6. Grow my personal brand.
    7. Release at least 2 a month blog posts on Winwar Media & WP Email Capture
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    My Goals are:
    1. Continue building woorkup and my other niche site.
    2. Continue developing WP Coupons plugin.
    3. Get my new site (https://pennybros.com/) off the ground. My brother and I paid off $135,000 (90% student loans) of debt in 2 years. We published our debt report every month for 2 years, never missed one. I think we have good foundation now to share our knowledge. We have a lot of exciting money hacking articles planned and possibly even a podcast in the mix.
    4. Increase affiliate and AdSense income.
    5. Start working out again... I stopped mid 2016 which is bad for my health. I did my old weight routine last night and can't feel my arms this morning haha. This is one thing I won't let slip in 2017.
    6. Find even more ways to be more productive. Time is always the biggest thing working against me. If this means cutting out other things, I need to do it. I plan my relax time... which is kind of weird I know lol.
    7. Be more active on Rise Forums and help it grow. I know I have been lazy on this one in 2016... *cough *cough.
  4. Best of luck with the SEO and social media course. Sounds interesting. Let me know if I can help promote it in any way.

    I'd love to go to a few more WordPress events too.

    What are you going to be doing to promote your personal brand more?

    The amount of debt you had from going to university sucks. I went to university for free and got a grant to help support me. I still worked around 25 to 30 hours during university, but without that assistance I would have really struggled. I strongly believe that education should be free to those who are qualified to go.

    Good to see you are going to start working out again. That's on my agenda too. I still train jiujitsu every week somy fitness isn't terrible, but I need to improve my cardio significantly.

    Here are some of my goals.

    Personal goals:
    1. Improve my cardio
    2. Improve my strength (both of these will help me lose weight and trim up)
    3. Continue to improve my jiujistu
    4. Travel - More holidays and more weekends away to great cities and locations (life is short!)
    5. Make sure I spend more time relaxing away from my online work whenever I can (in other words, enjoy more downtime)
    Online Goals
    1. Add more content to my blog (myself or with the help of writers)
    2. Increase traffic to my blog
    3. Improve the look of my blog
    4. Make Rise Forums more active by attracting more good members
    5. Increase my monthly income considerably
    6. Attend a few WordCamps
    YouTube Goals
    1. Reach 1,000 subscribers on my main channel (tech channel) by the end of March 2017.
    2. Reach 5,000 subscribers on my main channel by the end of 2017.
    3. Reach 1,000 subscribers for the Rise Forums channel by the end of 2017.
    4. Increase my YouTube Google Adsense income to at least £500 by the end of 2017
    5. Increase YouTube income for my channels from other areas e.g. sponsorships
    6. Become better at producing videos - Better editing, better presence, better videos etc.
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  5. I'm not sure :-/ that's the problem (it's a bit of the "out there" goal if anything). I guess continue with main blog & youtubing.
  6. I am going to keep pushing forward with the whole YouTube thing. I really enjoy it.

    When I get more subscribers I am keen to introduce more people into my videos. For example, guests, friends etc. If we are the same WordCamp then we can definitely do a video or two together. I'll hopefully have a few thousand subscribers by then so it could push traffic your way.

    I'd love to do the same for you and join you in one of your videos. Mixes it up a little.
  7. My work goals for 2017 are:
    • Compliment my freelance income so that half my income comes from non-freelance work (not sure what, I have this goal every year!)
    • Work less, earn more!
    Life goals:
    • Gym twice a week on average for the whole year = 104 visits - only managed 57 visits last year so need to almost double it in 2017
    • Gym goal is to increase strength and fitness - might look for a good strength program, any tips?
    • BJJ twice a week on average for the whole year = 104 sessions - did 49 sessions in 2016 from starting in April so more like 1.5 times a week on average. Ideally, I'd like to do 3x a week but my schedule isn't permitting just yet.
    • Go abroad at Easter and Christmas, once to Europe then somewhere warm for winter, wherever that may be.
    Let's check back in 12 months and see how we did!
  8. Great to see you doing BJJ. I've missed the last month due to my back being sore, but I'm hoping to get back within the next week or so.

    You should definitely look into increasing passive income from your blog and other websites. You just need to set out a strategy of how to do it. e.g. product reviews, directory, ads, or whatever.
  9. Yes, it's great fun, wish I'd started sooner!

    True. I really need to get more disciplined and set aside time for my own stuff, even though it won't pay off for a while/ever.
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  10. My work goals:
    1. Increase my company income (2016 = 25% growth, would like to get 30% this year)
    2. Improve PHP and jQuery skills
    3. Start niche site to get some passive income.
    4. Work less, earn more.
    5. Start course for local youngsters about getting into WordPress, creating basic websites with WordPress and Divi theme.

    Personal goals:
    1. Lose weight (started in December, dropped 5kg from 105 to 100 in 30 days), my goal is 85kg
    2. Change fat to muscles :)
    3. Sleep more
    4. Go on holidays
    5. Grow beard :)
    6. Get Global Elite rank in CS:GO (currently Legendary Eagle)
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  11. My AIM is to get out of from low pricing work, Being part of India, It is disadvantage for me becasue most of the clients have lower rates for Asian countries.
    I am also thinking of building some website base on my ideas, but I think it is hard to accomplish alone unless you have good resources, you can not do all thing alone.
    To be frank, I am getting irritated from development work and thinking of sometime startup or other passive work.
    Development is getting hard now days as technology is changing very fast. You have to keep yourself updated and learn new library, framework to keep alive.
    You will find new js library is popping every week, they keep changing. Lot of new development tools, vagrant, gulp, webpack, grunt, npm, nodejs, bower and lot of things.....
    First we have done procedural programming, then we learn object method and now this is time of functional programming.
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  12. Sleeping more and growing your beard go together well :)

    Sounds like we are all trying to increase our passive income. We should definitely brainstorm some ideas.

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  13. It must be a real pain to keep on top of the latest developments. Even if you have a passion for the subject, you are liable to burn out if you do the same thing day in day out for years.

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  14. If you think you need to learn every single new technology out there, you're doing it wrong.

    While I can say I've learned a good number of languages, the simple fact is any given job uses only a few technologies at a time. It's good to have a basic knowledge of what comes out - what it's based off of, if anyone big in technology is behind it, etc. - but that doesn't mean you need to learn it all that day. Many of these technologies are active hot for 6 months and then a shiny new language comes along.

    Use what you know. If a potential client asks, "Why aren't you using technology X?", tell them it isn't proven yet, and you're giving them a lasting solution instead of the flavor of the week. If that's not enough to convince them, jack up your price so it's worth it to learn the tech.
  15. Thank you for the inputs,
    This is the reason I still use PHP, Jquery and WordPress most of the time. Recently, seeing the popularity of AngularJS, I started learning it, after completing, I got 2 new queries from clients for making a SPA using ReactJS. I asked for Angular, but they denied.

    Anyway, sorry for derailing the thread
  16. Haha that's actually quite irritating. I bet they read about React and didn't even know that with Angular you can get same results.
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  17. 3 months almost over, so how are you doing folks? What's your progress? :)

    My report:

    My work goals:
    1. Increase my company income (2016 = 25% growth, would like to get 30% this year) - quite possible :D
    2. Improve PHP and jQuery skills - still work in progress.
    3. Start niche site to get some passive income. - still some odds, but super small
    4. Work less, earn more. - right now it looks like work the same amout of time, earn more
    5. Start course for local youngsters about getting into WordPress, creating basic websites with WordPress and Divi theme. - maybe next year

    Personal goals:
    1. Lose weight (started in December, dropped 5kg from 105 to 100 in 30 days), my goal is 85kg - best results here, -12kg right now (current weight 93kg) still 8 more to burn.
    2. Change fat to muscles :) - no comments here
    3. Sleep more - ha ha ha
    4. Go on holidays - still some time to get it done
    5. Grow beard :) - my wife won the war, no big beards in the house
    6. Get Global Elite rank in CS:GO (currently Legendary Eagle) - regress here, less time to play, de-rank to DMG

    I think it will be a good year :)
  18. That's great you've lost 12KG. Well done.

    I've been hitting the gym over the last few months and trying to trim up.

    Today I did an hour of dumbells on the bench and then swam 2.5km in the pool (100 lengths). I can't run just now because of a problem with my knee so I'm going to try and swim more. I just need to watch I eat more and don't tired myself out too much for jiujitsu. I'm going to keep it up and lose a bit of weight.

    No WordCamps so far this year, but I've paid for my ticket to WordCamp Europe in Paris so I'm going to get that booked soon.

    I haven't been updating my blog much due to working on YouTube and doing client work.

    I'm going to fall short of my YouTube target of reaching 1,000 subscribers by this Saturday. I'm sitting around 917 just now.

    My growth slowed down. I'm still growing, but not by as much as I was previously. Going to keep working hard on it and grow my channel :)
  19. Your videos are getting better and better :) So fingers crossed you'll reach 1000 subs this week, then 100k by December ;)
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  20. I'm definitely falling way short of my target. That's ok though. I love updating my YouTube channel and will continue to do it even if growth is slower than I had hoped.

    I'm buying a lot of new equipment for my channel this year which gives me lots of things to review.

    Only real regret with YouTube is that I haven't been updating the Rise Forums channel enough. With client work and my tech channel and training etc, I just haven't had time. I will need to address that.
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