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What Do You Spend On Hosting?

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Kevin Muldoon, Feb 6, 2016.

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  1. How much do you all spend on hosting?

    I think this is an interesting topic as we all spend a different amount on hosting every month and many of us pay for additional services such as website backups and content delivery networks.

    Would love to hear what you are all spending. Please leave a comment below :)

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  2. $10 - Digital Ocean, backups still for free (I'm doing server backups on DO - one click restore and off-site sent to Dropbox)
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  3. 114/month through SiteGround, switching tonight to Synthesis for 99/month yet keeping CodeGuard Ronin Plan as our backup solution.
  4. Great topic Kevin. Also interested to see the responses. $97/month with Kinsta + $20/month on VaultPress. Kinsta has backups but my core sites I like having 2nd offsite backups. Also VaultPress is amazing for updating themes, grabbing PHP changes right off their live site. I don't even bother with child themes anymore. Just update, migrate changes over in a few minutes. And well, I work for KeyCDN.

    Also been playing around with Vultr VPS + ServerPilot. Pretty sweet combination.
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  5. Same here with ServerPilot, easy to manage multiple sites on non-managed VPS.
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  6. @Kris Hoja - Are you only using hosting for development? i.e. developing websites etc. Do you still run live websites?

    @Alex de Borba - I hosted with them for about a day or so the other year and then cancelled. The lack of control they offered was incredibly frustrating. Do you prefer hosting services that handle most of the configuration etc for you?

    @Brian Jackson - Which plan do you have? The cheapest plan I can see on their website is $287 per month.

    I'm spending around $210 per month. Used to be $25 more when I paid for CloudFlare for my blog and Rise Forums. I cancelled that as I didn't feel it was worthwhile.

    The monthly cost breaks down as this:

    $129 - Hosting with OVH ($109 for Server, $20 for cPanel)

    Chassis 1U/T3
    CPU Intel Xeon E5-1620v2
    Cores/threads 4/8t
    Frequency/burst 3,7 GHz+/3,9 GHz+
    Intel Smart Cache 10 MB
    RAM 64 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
    Disks 2x 2 TB SATA3
    Bandwidth 500 Mbps
    Traffic Unlimited
    Burst [​IMG] 1 Gbps
    IP with no monthly fees* 256 IPs
    Public network card 1x 1 Gbps
    $65 - ServerSurgeon for Server Management

    $15 - VaultPress Backup for KevinMuldoon.com (I cancelled VaultPress for other websites I owned as I was not updating them regularly; therefore just rely on server backups)

    $1 to $2 - Daily backups of my server to Amazon S3

    I only need about 20GB of storage so the above setup seems like overkill; however I am happy paying a little more for additional security and performance (particularly since my livelihood depends on it).

    If I implement KeyCDN on my blog in the future, my monthly hosting costs could increase slightly.
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  7. @Kevin Muldoon I have been with Kinsta since they first launched and so I got lucky to get grandfathered into their original plans. Just looked at my invoices, have been with them since 28-OCT-2014. That has to be a record for me staying with a host (y)

    And I'm with you on the paying a little more for security/performance. If you treat your sites like a business, they should have a strong backbone.
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    Yeah that's a good year and a half you have been with them. Sounds like you are getting a good service.

    I do try and look at everything from a business point of view. If I lost my websites, I would lose the assets that make me money online.

    @Alex de Borba I have moved our discussion to here so that we can continue discussing this and this thread can stay on topic about hosting costs etc :)
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  9. @Kevin Muldoon yes I host few sites small sites for my clients and one bigger project (fishkeeping related website).
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  10. I spend about $60/month on hosting. Though I'm trying to reduce it as I'm consolidating my sites and removing a bunch of sites.
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