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What Domain Registrar Are You Using?

Discussion in 'Hosting & Domains' started by Kevin Muldoon, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. Wow, Kevin. A nice feature I see on rise forums. I had typed a post reply and the other day the electricity failed.

    Today as soon as I clicked to read you post reply, my half-written post/comment is here as I left. Cool. :)

    Okay, I wanted to ask - what is a good time to transfer a domain to another host?

    I'v been getting notices for a domain I have at GoDaddy, but it's like 4 months for renewal still remaining.

    Surely, I shouldn't wait till the end. But how many weeks/months before the expiration, should I transfer?
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  2. You won't lose your domain registration when you transfer to another website. If the incoming domain service applies a one year renewal to your domain, you will simply have one year and four months until the next renewal. Therefore, I'd recommend transferring as soon as possible (in case you forget!).
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  3. I only have 3 domains right now... 1 of them is with wordpress (I bought when I was using the default wordpress.com site & just continuing with them)... My other 2 domains that I recently bought are with GoDaddy.... Mainly because they were one of the few registrars providing '.ca' domains... so far so good... but its still early for me to comment on GoDaddy's support & service../
  4. Like @toyino , I'm using Namecheap for domain registration. For registering a .com, it works out under $10 and privacy is included.

    I find the interface straight forward to use, but I've been using Namecheap for 4-5 years so that could be down to the fact that I'm just so familiar with it.

    Support is pretty good too.
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  5. Yeah, agree with you Adam on the support. I think Namecheap gets 8 out of 10!

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  6. So, this means I should transfer the domains ASAP since I'd be getting a better domain registrar plus the privacy guard for free at NameCheap. Cool.
  7. All of my domains are registered through Namecheap. I've only had to interact with it a little bit, through getting a few of them set up with hosts, but I have found it really user-friendly. It also seems cheaper.
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  8. I am using Host4asp. This registrar is reliable.
  9. Using GoDaddy right now for Domain Registrar and Dreamhost with web hosting. Smooth sailing so far. [​IMG]
  10. NameSilo and Namecheap are both great registrars. :)
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