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What is this talking about?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce' started by Heather, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. Will you check out this website and tell me what it's talking about? I guess I don't know what IP is... So I really don't know what this service is or does...


  2. It took me a second to figure it out, as there is no mention of what IP stands for, and there's a few. On the 2nd to last page of their download, though, you can see the full name of their product is "Protected Intellecual Property Inventory". OK, so we're talking about Intellectual Property - which I've never seen abbreviated as IP!

    Intellectual Property is essentially anything that you (or anyone else) creates, which has no physical representation. An easy example of this is WordPress - the software that most members here use for their blogs and websites is a piece of Intellectual Property. Any blog post you make is intellectual property. Outside of the computer world, a piece of music is considered Intellectual Property - while the sounds you hear are made with physical instruments (a piano is not intellectual property), there is nothing physical about the arrangement itself - the C Major scale is just an idea of how to arrange various tones, and the F minor chord is an idea of how to make someone want to retch. Some people release their intellectual property as open-sourced (such as Word Press), while others want to retain all rights to their work - software-wise, think of Microsoft, writing-wise, think of anyone who's ever sold a book.

    This service seems to be offering to protect your Intellectual Property (that is, copyright it and give you legal recourse if someone uses your work without your permission). While you may want to go this route, I would stay away from this company - anyone who doesn't explain what "IP" is, given the number of terms which use it as an abbreviation, has no business being in business.

    And of course, you can find all sorts of other information on wikipedia :)
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  3. haha I am glad you answered that Kevin. I thought it was about IP addresses, but none of the text made sense to me.
  4. Thanks, Kevin! I just didn't think of intellectual property either. Strange that she didn't explain that up front. I kept thinking "IP address."

    Funny about the F minor chord... :)
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