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What is Your Experience of SumoMe?

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Kevin Muldoon, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. I got an email from SumoMe last week about trying their service. They kindly set me up with an account and advised me of the code I had to add to my website.

    After adding their code to my website, I did a speed test on my website and noticed that there was around five additional requests and my homepage file size had jumped from around 450kb to around 580kb. That is quite a significant jump in my eyes.

    I queried this issue with them and they responded with:

    "SumoMe loads asynchronously meaning it loads after your whole site loads, so we don't mess with the loading of your site in any way. You can read more about that here."​

    The page they referred me to states:

    "SumoMe Load Times, Asset Volume & Connections

    SumoMe may appear to add time to your page load but whats happening is called asynchronous loading, meaning SumoMe yields to your site, loading as passively as possible, always giving precedence to your site. We do not block any content or scripts on your page from loading. Our back-end is powered by a world class cluster of web servers with an average response time of 8 milliseconds.

    We're always working on optimizing load times and file sizes. To optimize download speeds we use a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver all of our assets, and utilize keep-alive requests. While there are "multiple requests" being made, they're using the /same/ connection without disconnecting, which has the same net effect as a single connection.

    We do not leverage caching for sumome.com/api/load because it is a dynamic response relative to the current logged in user/session/page/etc. it controls the behavior for the current page load, the actual code load.sumome.com/ is cached

    We do utilize caching and build our CSS on a per-app basis instead of a singular CSS file for all apps because having you load only what you use is more efficient and optimal. Our CSS is combined per app (for the app and user-facing) because we never want to have your visitors loading the admin CSS. For admin's in particular, there are a lot more assets that load compared to a normal visitor, because of all the additional Tools and UI for using SumoMe.

    So with everything loading behind a CDN and with our use of caching, the majority of all your visitors will only load our files once. Rest assured, we're fully aware and make conscious choices to deliver SumoMe asset's in the most optimal way."
    The weekend was approaching when they responded and as I knew I had to do further tests, I put SumoMe on the back burner.

    I added the code back again today and had a proper look at their service. It looks very interesting. I know that Rise Forums members such as @Brian Jackson have used it frequently in the past and I can see why.

    I am focusing on completing a guide at the moment, but I hope to give it a try later once I have time.

    I am considering testing the sharing buttons, email building tools, and the contact form. Some of the analytical apps look good too.

    It looks to me that their service does increase page weight slightly, however I want to do proper tests to see if this additional weight would be offset by be deactivating the plugins I am using for sharing, newsletter forms, contact forms etc.

    Before I spend hours doing lots of tests, I am curious as to what your experience was with the service.

    • Did you find the service useful?
    • Did it help increase your email list?
    • Did you find it slowed down your website?
    Would love to hear what you thought about SumoMe :)

  2. Hey Kevin,

    Yay, I love these types of discussions. I need to write a new review on my site lol. Been meaning to do so. I haven't used SumoMe in 6+ months. I switched to https://warfareplugins.com/ and have been much happier with speed results. But like you said, with SumoMe, you get additional benefits where you could deactivate other things. Would be interested to see your results.

    I find SocialWarfare + WP Subscribe Pro to be as lightweight of an option as I can find. SocialWarfare isn't free, but well worth it in my opinion.

    Don't get me wrong though, SumoMe offers bloggers some amazing features and I had amazing signups rates with it. It's a great plugin.
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  3. WarfarePlugins looks good. Have you seen your articles getting more shares with it?

    I am thinking of changing up to a different website design too so I might give SumoMe a try then seeing as I am changing things up anyways.
  4. I use one of SumoMe's plugins on one of my sites. I've not noticed anything massively increased, but it's something I've been wary of.

    Their plugins I find take over my browser just a little bit, and I know that they have run foul of the WordPress Foundation before now (soliciting for reviews). So yeah, there's that. I also think they pay theme developers to integrate their solutions, but I don't know for sure.
  5. I have used SumoMe for a test drive and realized it slowed down my site. Just like @Brian Jackson, I am using https://warfareplugins.com/ and I am happy with it. SumoMe sometimes reminds me of Jetpack, crowded with features and some, not quite necessary at all, depends of the kind of approach you aim at it, yet, with a high price tag if I can recall correctly.
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  6. I'm going to try their service out once I do a redesign. The load might not be too bad once I have optimised everything etc.

    @Rhys Wynne After the way Automattic acted in the whole thesis.com cybersquatting malarkey, hearing SumoMe has run foul of the WordPress foundation makes me like SumoMe more (The reality is that these two "seperate" organisations are singing from the same hymn sheet).
  7. Ya SumoMe is actually quite expensive. https://sumome.com/pricing. $10 a month, and that is just the starter version. https://help.sumome.com/customer/portal/articles/1817903-upgrades-services#starter It adds up pretty quick. The cool features are in the PRO version, but there is no way I am paying $100 a month for it lol, I don't even pay that for hosting. Have you looked at the pricing @Kevin Muldoon?

    They used to have a $10 one time fee to remove the badge. That's what I did. But it doesn't appear they let u do that anymore?
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  8. Yeah it seems like an expensive service. Especially for adding functionality such as social media sharing and email lists. There are many great free alternatives out there.
  9. I think it has helped me build my list... A lot of people do sign up with the smart bar at the top. I haven't noticed it slowing it down, but I don't tend to notice these things. And Yes, I like it... I think it's useful. I just use it for the smart bar and social share buttons, I think.

    I can't wait to see your new site when you get to that point. Exciting!
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  10. They are not, and especially recently there has been a split between Automattic thinking and the WordPress Foundation thinking (when it comes to the JSON REST API).

    Automattic and thesis.com was a total dick move. But the fact that SumoMe spammed reviews on the wordpress.org in exchange for tweets doesn't make them not dicks. Especially as I was one of the volunteers who had to clean it up :-/
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  11. I didn't realise they had did that. That is a dickish move.

    The social media sharing market is clearly competitive.
  12. If I may suggest, @Kevin Muldoon, I think you would be better served with plugins that can manage your needs, even if paid, other than using SumoMe. Even if you buy plugins to run as alternatives, you will not spend so much money.
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  13. I wouldn't be paying any money either. They offered me the pro package free of charge.

    So I can do some speed tests and look at everything objectively as cost is not involved :)
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