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What Tools Or Apps You Use To Increase The Productivity And Stay Focused

Discussion in 'Productivity' started by Sanjay Ojha, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. From many past months, I am not able to complete my own projects not due to lack of time but due to not being focused, whenever I think I will start working on my projects I get involved in other websites, community and social networking.
    Though when there is serious and paid work I generally get back into work. But for my own project and learning new things I always try to find an excuse to start it.

    What do you do to stay focus and increase productivity in general ? I have used Asana in past and some Pomodoro apps but they didn't work well in my case
  2. I'm fairly motivated when it comes to working so I don't find those Pomodoro apps useful at all.

    I just try and stay off social media as much as I can. If I'm looking for new equipment for my YouTube equipment or on the lookout for a new phone or something, I do find myself looking at reviews a lot, but when I find myself doing that too much I realise it's time to have a break.

    A lot of it comes down to how much you like what you are doing. If you hate the work you're doing, you will undoubtedly find a reason to do something else. That's one reason why I am trying to move more into video as it isn't as boring as writing all day (though I still enjoy writing).
  3. I find Pomodoro on the whole useful. I'm using it now. What I try to do is say "Right, I want 3 blocks on Project X, 2 Blocks on Project Y, 1 Block on Project Z" (always good to leave a few blocks free dependant on your circumstances), and it appears to work well for me.

    I guess the thing is it is different strokes for different folks, what works for me may not work well for you :) - but if you're not managing to get Pomodoro working but like the concept, maybe it's worth trying that?
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  4. Some nice suggestion Kevin. I have lot of things in my mind, but when it comes to writing stuffs... simply I can not.

    Rhys, I like the idea of defining the blocks for projects. Which Pomodoro app you are using?
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  5. The only social media I use (that too very infrequently) is Twitter. Rest of social media, I'm inactive. FB I deleted long ago. Do the same if you want to get rid of the distraction box.

    Pomodoro also didn't work in my case. I like to give more time when I'm able to focus.

    You can use apps like Cold Turkey which completely block software programs and websites. Browser extensions like StayFocusd for Chrome or Leechblock for Firefox maybe useful too.

    But one thing. Taking breaks, as Kevin mentioned, helps a lot. It makes you check what you were doing, and whether you were productive or been wasting time.

    Kevin said something which reminds me of this quote:
    The reason is, we don't seem to like it but we want to do it, so the mind wanders, wants to keep us away from that boring thing, and makes us do different things. All that the mind is looking for, is happiness. It's not getting the happiness it's looking for.

    I also used to get distracted when learning or reading something online. So, I printed out the PDFs I wanted to read, be it blog posts or ebooks. I find it much easier reading those books, marking notes, and putting down my thoughts or notes on paper.

    Recently, I started a computer tips mailing list and I type drafts when offline. Disconnected from the Internet.

    Everyone is unique. So, as Rhys said, it may or may not work for you. Try out different techniques. Use the ones you like, Throw away the rest.
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  8. If you use Twitter, use the mobile version even when you use it on the Desktop/Laptop.

    No trends and hashtags, no "Who to follow," so lesser distractions.

    Use mobile.twitter.com instead of twitter.com
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