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What will be alternate for Page Rank?

Discussion in 'SEO & PPC Marketing' started by Elina jones, Apr 5, 2016.

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  1. While doing off page link building, instead of considering Page rank of the website, what we can consider as a alternative? Page rank toolbar is not at all helps to find the good quality website nowadays. please help me.
  2. There really isn't any alternative to PageRank, but you can check the ranking of your website using numerous SEO services such as WooRank, SERPS, SEOBook, SEMRush, MOZ etc.
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  4. I use a combination of the following:
    1. Domain authority by Moz. Download the free Moz extension to see domain authority.
    2. Ahrefs URL and Domain Rating.
    3. Alexa Rank (doesn't apply in all niches, only tech/marketing related)
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    I imagine most SEO companies and advertising networks are looking at the same things you are Brian.

    Taking the MOZ extension, for example. What's the best way to increase domain authority? Is it simply the quality and quantity of incoming links?

    I looked at some articles on the subject:
    Removing bad/toxic links is something that I have never done. Perhaps that is hurting my score.
  6. You need to reconfigure your browser or something, there is no real alternative to PageRank except for the few mentioned earlier
  7. It is a tricky thing to do this, to be fair. I've done it a few times and it is a right pain in the arse. Alas, you just end up annoying people.

    Unless Google specifically tells you to do it, I wouldn't bother. I think most websites have 1 or 2 dodgy links to them.
  8. Instead of considering Page rank of the website you can also consider domain authority, trust flow, citation flow, no follow, do follow,etc of the websites from which you are going to get backlinks from. There are many tools available for checking these metrices like alexa, ahref, open site explorer, majestic seo, etc. Hope this might help you.:)
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  9. The whole idea of having toxic links is something that has always annoyed me. Why do search engines allow other people to hurt my ranking?
  10. I have dealt with massive cleanups of negative SEO (toxic links). I wrote a couple posts about how to clean them up. Rmoov is a nifty little tool.


    It is not fun by any means, but if you do get attacked like this you have to clean it up or you could lose everything. I wouldn't worry about a few toxic links here or there. But when it comes to 50,000+ then you should be worried :) It is always good practice to check your backlink profile at least once in a while.
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  11. Great tutorials Brian.

    I started following your tutorial about rmoov. I downloaded the CSV from WebCEO, however none of the links look toxic.

    I have attached the file (but removed IP addresses for security reasons etc). As you can see, all the links look legitimate. I suspect it is because the free account is limited to twenty links. Still, I was surprised that it says that regular links are toxic.

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