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What's Jetpack's New Modules Like?

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by Kevin Muldoon, May 21, 2016.

  1. I had a quick look at Jetpack today and I saw that it now has thirty-six modules.

    I only use three: Publicize for sharing posts on social media, WP.me for shortlinks, and VaultPress (which isn't really a Jetpack module but it integrated into their plugin).


    I haven't been paying close attention to newer modules over the last year. Are any of them good?

    In the past modules such as Site Stats adding a lot to page loading times. Do newer modules such as related posts have the same problem?

    What about the Protect module and Photo modules?

    One of the reasons I am asking about Jetpack is because I am considering using Jetpack subscriptions to handle my weekly newsletter and the comments module for my comment area (I had it activated in the past).

    I'd love to hear what modules you are all using and which ones I should check out :)

  2. I have jetpack enabled on most sites, usually photon, protect, publicize, site verification modules are on. But it also depends of what I need.
    I did not try the new modules :)
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  3. How have you found Photo and Protect?

    I'm tempted to activate those ones myself.

    I am also leaning towards using Jetpack subscriptions to handle my weekly newsletter together with Jetpack comments as it has an option for people to subscribe. Then I will use something such as Sendy to send out email blasts.
  4. Protect is okay, didn't dig deep into it :) Just turn on and forget.

    Photon is sometimes causing problems with page builders or themes - images are missing or it's loading full size image instead of thumbnails.
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  5. I've activated Photon and Protect. I'll keep tabs on them and see how they perform.
  6. I have the following modules activated:-

    - Comments
    - Custom CSS
    - Enhanced Distribution
    - Extra Sidebar Widgets
    - Notifications
    - Omnisearch
    - Protect
    - Publicize
    - Site Stats
    - Shortcode Embeds
    - Spelling & Grammar
    - Subscriptions
    - WP.me Shortlinks
    - Widget Visibility

    ....I not going to lie, I think I'm using too many!
  7. Have you not found that site stats slows down your website? I always say my page loading times increase after activating it.
  8. Yes, the site stats do slow down load times. I was noticing anywhere from 1-2 second slower load times on average when it was activated.

    I did some testing last year after reading something about it somewhere on the web about slowing down load times drastically. It was also causing my sites to use more resources. After disabling it all my resource usages for my sites dropped a good amount.

    I started using this plugin for stats: wordpress D O T org/plugins/wp-statistics/

    After activating it on most of my sites I noticed that page load speeds didn't increase (y) and resource usage was very minimal, especially compared to the Jetpack option.
  9. It's been neglible for me if I'm honest. I haven't noticed anything.
  10. I always found it slowed down my website too.

    Are the stats good with that plugin? Does it provide any information that Google Analytics does not?

    Could be worth testing your page speed and then deactivating the module and testing it again. It might be increasing your page loading times a little.
  11. Yeah, that stats seem to be more accurate than the Jetpack for sure.

    As for comparing them to GA, i'll take a look tomorrow when I get home and have more time and see how they compare. I'll reply back with what I find. :)
  12. Hi Kevin, Sorry I couldn't look into right away but just got a few minutes to take a look and compare the plugin to GA as well as the Jetpack module.

    The WP Statistics plugin and GA are almost exactly the same as far as numbers between the two it's just the way they are displayed. With the WP Statistics plugin on your dashboard it has a graph for the last 10 days to show visitors and visits. Then for numbers it shows the visits and visitors for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days and for the year. They are all right there nice and neat so you don't have to go looking for them all.

    Other stats you can find through the plugins settings tab are:

    Top referring sites for a multitude of ranges as presets and you can do a custom range
    Browsers used
    Who's online
    Which pages were visited
    Top searches
    Top visitors
    Plus a many other cool features.

    There are a lot of optimization settings as well and there are also so many other different settings that you can modify to fit your needs with this plugin. That in itself makes it really cool to use. Jetpack's module is real basic (as I am sure you know). GA is good but navigating to all the data can be time consuming compared to this plugin.

    There might be other good ones out there but after doing lots of research I found this one highly recommended, tried it and love it. I tried others but they just either didn't have enough data or much functionality.

    If you ever have a WP install and are needing a plugin for stats that won't slow down your site like JP's module, give it a try.
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  13. Sounds good. I am sure I would find a lot of that data useful, such as top searches. I also like checking top referrers as it highlights when someone has linked to my website from an article or forum post. I can then visit that page and respond (if only to say thanks for the link) :)
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  14. Hey Kevin!

    Protect is basically Automattic's version of BruteProtect, which they had bought over. It's their version of Limit Login Attempts, but much better as they block IPs across all sites, once a site gets attacked.


    @Heather, you might be keen to install this on your website

    I use Jetpack's Markdown, to have footer references to websites :)

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