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What's Your Favourite Service/Tool for Managing Multiple WordPress Websites?

Discussion in 'General WordPress Related Discussions' started by Kevin Muldoon, Aug 7, 2015.

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  1. There are a lot of options available to WordPress users who want to manage all of their WordPress websites in one location.

    CMS Commander, Manage WP, Infinite WP, and Main WP, are arguably the most popular options. Automattic started offering this service at the end of last year through their Jetpack plugin so I am sure a lot of WordPress users are using them now too.

    I registered accounts for most of these a few years ago in order to write some articles, however ManageWP is probably the only service I used extensively myself. While it does work ok, I always found the interface a little clunky and was not exactly what I was looking for.

    I am thinking about using a management tool to manage all of my WordPress websites.

    My personal blog is the one I will be working on the most, however I also have several other small WordPress websites that I want to keep online. The only pain about managing these smaller websites is updating the software. I have no problem with logging into the websites in question in order to add content, change themes etc, however I would like one central location for handling all WordPress updates and plugin updates.

    What do you guys think is the best service to do that?

    I am not a big fan of Automattic after their recent domain hijacking antics, though the obvious benefit of using their centralised solution via Jetpack is the fact it doesn't cost anything. The other options all charge a monthly fee when you manage more than five websites (the limit is normally five).

    What is your favourite solution for managing multiple websites and why?

    I will probably test all services again myself, though I am curious as to what others are using and why they think the pros and cons of the service are.

  2. I use WP Remote to do it. Run by a very good company, and the guys behind it are approachable. Also I have a lot of abandoned sites that I want to keep online, but don't want to leave them insecure. It's free and superb.
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  3. Looks like I missed that one Rhys. I will need to check that out.
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  4. Woah! @Rhys Wynne this is an amazing tool. I can't believe I haven't seen this before. I have never brought myself to pay for ManageWP or CMS Commander even though I know they work great. I have 8 personal sites right now, just past the 5 free limit with most services. 2 of my domains are simply up still for the 301s since migrations, but don't want to take them down yet because of link juice from backlinks. Obviously for security reasons I need to make sure they stay up to date.

    Best free way to manage plugin updates I have found yet! Love how simplistic it is. Just what I needed. Kudos.
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  5. My tool is MainWP, and I'm a very satisfied user. The things I like the most is that it's free, self hosted, the support is good, and there's some really useful extensions, both free and paid.
    I too have some "dead domains" I want to keep safe and running, all my sites have Wordfence installed, that together with MainWP is a perfect combo. When there is updates of plugins or themes, Wordfence alerts me via email, then I log in to my MainWP dashboard and perform my updates there, it's just so smooth and easy.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation of WP Remote Rhys.

    I finally got round to using it today. It's exactly what I was looking for. It will make updates a breeze.

    I think they have did the right thing. All I needed was a tool/service that allowed me to update WordPress and plugins and themes. I prefer to actually write content in the original WordPress area.

    Such a great too.

    Thanks again :)
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  7. Glad you're a fan :) - I'll point them out at WordCamp Manchester
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  9. haha I was thinking of writing a blog post about them too. We definitely need to spread the word :)
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    I had come across WP Remote and MainWP last year when I was testing ManageWP.

    Right now I started using iThemes sync, since it's free for 10 sites, though without backup buddy.

    Kevin, you've certainly used iThemes sync, haven't you?

    Checking out Brian's review post on WPRemote.
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  12. I have not used it yet.

    I just had a look at the information page and it looks good.
  13. I noticed today I already had an account for WP Remote (with my personal email address) that was linked to my test website. I must have tried it before but not used it for my own websites.

    I added the test website to my new account, but it is not working. I am getting the error "WPR-404". Anyone seen this before? I cannot see anything that could be causing it not to connect as all the API information is ok.
  14. ....not that I'm aware of but they're VERY quick in responding so if you drop them a message they should get back to you.
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  15. I might do that. Cheers for the tip :)
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