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What's Your Favourite WordPress Framework?

Discussion in 'Design & Development' started by Kevin Muldoon, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. I have tried many WordPress frameworks over the years such as Headway and Hybrid. By far my favourite is Genesis by StudioPress (I'm sure many of you know this already as I have been using it on my blog for a long time). It doesn't have the most features, however I love its clean simplistic look. Plus it looks great on mobile devices too.


    What WordPress framework do you guys prefer?

  2. I'm using Genesis too. I decided to use it after a long research, the main factor was speed and it's extremely fast.
    But I was relying on people's test :) I had no opportunity to test other standalone frameworks, but I had some experience with UpThemes framework (which still has old Twitter API error) and some built-in themes frameworks (I like the one from ElegantThemes).
    Anyway, Genesis is number one for me.
  3. I always get the impression that the ElegantTheme framework is not updated frequently. Everytime I see they have released a new theme, it looks like it offers the same features as all of their other designs. For example, five colour schemes etc.
  4. Yes, it's always the same, but easy to learn for non geek users. You can tell a client "click here, click there and your site will look like that" so they can play around a little.
    But on the other side, ElegantThemes templates are quite hard to modify - they have a lot (really a lot) custom functions :) Joe also wrote good article about their support at WPKube http://www.wpkube.com/elegant-themes-support-uncovered/
  5. Good post from Joe. Support is something that is very important when purchasing themes, though it is a difficult thing to review. So it was good to see Joe go that extra step and open some tickets.
  6. I've been using Peadig (http://peadig.com/) recently. It's quite a new one. Support isn't a problem as the two writers are good mates of mine :D
  7. That looks pretty good Rhys. Are there themes available it too?
  8. Not yet. Well not to my knowledge. They need a "sites built by Peadig" area, some quite big sites already built by it (mainly day job clients :D)
  9. As someone who does not design WordPress themes, a WordPress framework is usually kind of useless to me unless there are good themes available to it (otherwise it just looks like the default design). That is where StudioPress excels over other frameworks. It offers lots of themes and you can switch between designs easily at any time.

    Obviously, most people use frameworks in order to design websites. My situation is different :)
  10. That Elegant Themes support article was quite hard to write as they get lots of bad press on blog posts but I didn't have that bad an experience with them so it was hard to be too critical of them!

    I'm going to use Genesis for my site as I really like the themes for it. Plus I wouldn't mind trying to pass myself off as a web designer offering WordPress/Genesis/StudioPress installations in the future.

    I've looked at a few theme builders/page builders/frameworks for the articles I've written but none have particularly jumped out at me as being ideal to buy into for the long term when building a site. I really like some of the features of PageLines DMS (
    ) but felt it had a few problems. Wouldn't mind checking it out again now its been live for a while.

    Also Headway was quite good but a bit too restrictive in terms of what you can do with it.

    I also looked at Ultimatum too. WPMU are just starting a series on theme builders which should be good.

    Has anyone used Dynamik which is a framework child theme of the Genesis framework?
  11. I used PageLines previous framework on one of my websites for a year or so. It was ok, however setting up many things were difficult. The problem with many frameworks is that the more options they add, the more difficult it is to make changes to the code yourself.

    Ultimatum looks interesting. Never heard of Dynamik.
  12. is Framework the same as Theme?
    and if not, does Frameworks works with the theme I have?
    I am checking out Genesis, i think could help me save lot of time.
  13. Check out that nice image at Studiopress website - it will explain you what is framework faster than any words :)
  14. Alright, so to clear my doubts.
    another question,
    it means my current theme cannot be used with genesis framework?
    still kinda confuse.
  15. You can't use other themes than Genesis child themes.
  16. I might as well quote WordPress :)

    From http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Frameworks

    It is essentially a starter design that theme designers use to design their themes. Sometimes the framework is very lightweight and is nothing more than a starting point for them to create the theme they need. For example, a light framework might just have essential page templates such as index.php etc. The designer will then use that as a canvas for all of their themes. Other times, the framework is quite complex and others many advanced features and functionality directly from a theme options panel.

    Genesis is actually quite a light framework. It doesn't add too many features. I think this is a good thing as it means that it isn't bloated with features we don't need. Genesis Designs will only work alongside the Genesis Framework. Another way to think of the Genesis Framework as the Parent Theme and all Genesis Designs are child themes of the theme framework.

    Let me know if this makes sense. If not, I'll try and clarify myself better :)
  17. Seems usable for me, but I just spent on the MojoTheme's christmas promotion and I have 14 themes to work about.
    Will try Genesis Framework next.
    This is good info.
  18. so with Rise's generosity, especially Kris.. I am in with StudioPress, Thank you guys.
    However I am kind of confused with my StudioPress account, it seems much more complicated then any theme I had experience.
    My first question would be, do I use those tools under Developer Resources to build my blogs/website's theme? There is nothing like how we usually install themes on WP?
  19. http://my.studiopress.com/downloads/ there you have 'theme setup' button
    And you install Genesis like any other theme, but you'll need child theme, so use Genesis Sample or buy one from their shop.
  20. upon entering the link, I was redirect to the 'buy theme' page.
    and i realize in my account the Getting Started and Theme Setup feature is locked.
    Guess I will have to email them?
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