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which ecommerce CMS is the best?

Discussion in 'Ecommerce' started by DoriRHumphreys, Oct 21, 2015.

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  1. I am starting an online business, site would be floral products website. please let me know which Ecommerce CMs would be best for this, I am going to have one of these ecommerce CMS 1- shopify 2. megento 3. prestashop? Need expert guidance.

  2. Hi Dori.
    Please specify how many products will you be selling?
    What is your experience with ecommerce platforms?
  3. i am going to market fresh flowers and greens, plants, interiors, and floral supplies (glassware, baskets, silks etc) , i had used custom ecommerce cms but have not a good experience with that, it was missing plugins and extensions that are very helpful now a days.
  4. Please be more detailed, like 1000, 5000, 50000 :)
  5. I need CMS that is easy to manage. easy payment integration, can have different themes to choose. have administrator dashboard which has feature to provide user access to other admins. because sometime you can't share master credentials with everyone, specially when you are outsourcing your work to any company. what about wordpress , can we use wordpress ? it payment integration good and safe in wordpress?
    these all are my concerns. please provide suitable recommendations!
  6. @DoriRHumphreys, As Kris said You need to tell us how many products you are going to sell ?
    The name you suggested is already world leaders in ecommerce software and they have almost all things you need.
    WordPress with woocommerce is also good but generally it is not recommend for website who have lot of products and traffics. Though I have seen woocommerce is easy to handle for beginner.
  7. @PixelCrayons, there are many platforms available which you can use for starting business.
    Five Leading Marketplace platforms:
    1.WordPress with Marketify
    2.Magento with Marketplace
    3.Drupal with Ubercart
    5. CS Cart
  8. Open Cart one of the best ecommerce CMS.
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