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Which Social Media Sharing Plugin Do You Use?

Discussion in 'WordPress Plugins' started by Tanu Khatri, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    I have tried many social media sharing plugin but I think they are increasing site load time. :cautious::cautious:

    Which plugin are you using?


  2. I'm currently using Easy Social Share Buttons. In the past I used jetpack's social media sharing buttons. They were much faster, but I prefer this plugin as it's more visually appealing.
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  3. Looks nice and only in $19 ;);)
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  5. I use social warfare on all my sites and it is very fast --> https://woorkup.com/social-warfare-review/
    Easy Social Share Buttons is also very good. The developer is great and actively updates things. Those are the two I recommend.
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  6. Really nice. I have purchased social share buttons yesterday. :sneaky::)
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  7. I use Monarch as I have access to it as part of my Elegant Themes package. Seems pretty good.

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