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Wordcamp Mumbai

Discussion in 'WordCamp Events' started by Raspal, Mar 9, 2016.

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  1. #1 Raspal, Mar 9, 2016
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  2. Hope you meet up with some fellow Rise Forums members there Raspal.

    Be sure to give us all an update if you do attend :)

  3. Sure, I will.
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  4. Hello Raspal, Thanks for informing me. I have some pre schedule tasks till Holi, so it will not possible for me to reach Mumbai from Lucknow. Will check this thread for update though. Once again thank you very much.
  5. Oooooh! Hope it's successful! I'm always fascinated to see other WordCamps out there :)
  6. Have purchased two tickets, one for my friend. First time for me, I missed the one last year.
  7. WCMumbai was a great experience! I went with three others and everyone enjoyed it.

    The good thing was that my three friends didn't know anything about WP and still enjoyed most of the sessions, and especially the panel discussion and the last session, from Mahangu Weerasinghe.

    Sam Hotchkiss, Bryce Adams (whom I met personally too), and Naoko Takano, from Automattic also spoke there.

    Have now joined the WP Mumbai meetup group, which meets every month.

    Whoever from Mumbai and around didn't come, missed a LOT! Now you have to wait for one more year!

    Would have been great to meet any RF members, but there were none.
  8. Perhaps next year you will meet someone from RiseForums :)

    Sounds like it was a great conference. Good to see Automattic staff over at the event too.
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  9. Hope so too. I'm looking forward to the next WPMumbai meetup too.

    The session is on Plugin Development.
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  10. Oops! Back to RF after a long long time! Was away... just back. Good to know @Raspal that you had a great experience. Hopefully next time we may meet!
  11. Oops ! I am late.. However, I am not designer and non technical person. Still thanks for info Raspal. I love to attain seminar on blogging or online marketing.
  12. @prakash hope to meet next time too.

    @Tarannum My friends weren't technical at all, and this was their first encounter with anything WordPress. Still they loved everything, including the free lunch and the swag. :)

    I've also joined the regular monthly WP meetup group in my area. You must have one in your area too. Join that one by going to meetup.com. It's free and happens once a month, where though there are fewer regular members, discuss anything WP.
  13. @Raspal, Yes, will try once. (y)

  14. @Tarannum,

    BTW, I had contacted you via your website contact form, many weeks ago with some suggestions.

    Did you not get that message? Was just wondering.
  15. @Raspal

    yes, I got the message and thanks for suggestion. will mail back soon.
  16. Really cool gathering for all marketers , I really wish I could be there , If I was more free I'd attend and I really wish there was similar events where I live.

    I'm sure in the future I'll be able to attend those kind of events, it is a great chance to meet with other like-minded individuals, and to learn and grow in experience

    Please keep us updated here at RiseForums
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