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WordPress Development : Where do I start

Discussion in 'WordPress Theme & Plugin Development' started by Leo Koo, Feb 17, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys!

    It's been awhile since my last post. I've since done a programming bootcamp and mastered Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, HTML, CSS, JS (not fully, there's much to learn here), APIs and am almost done with PHP on CodeCademy and TreeHouse before working through Laravel through Laracasts.

    Just wondering if you've any tips on how can I start building WordPress plugins? :)
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  2. Nice to see you again.
    Good that you extended your skill sets. If you are going to work for a company or going to work as freelance these all skill sets will help you to get more work.
    You should have good knowledge of PHP if you are going to develop WordPress plugins and themes.
    The best place is codex to learn anything related WordPress development. You can explore the plugin development section for more information
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  3. Thanks Sanjay, that would be great help!
  4. What Sanjay said. That's very good advice to begin with.

    From a PHP standpoint & an idea, I recommend you find a PHP script that isn't implemented in WordPress, or an integration that doesn't exist yet, and work to integrate that to WordPress.

    Rembember WordPress has a lot of functionality in built to replace native PHP functionality. Use that it instead of PHP functionality.
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  5. I would have responded to this sooner, if I realized what was being said. WordPress functionality IS PHP functionality (along with some Javascript for client-side functionality).

    I think it's hugely important to make this distinction because Leo (and potentially others who view this thread) is a beginner programmer, and the quickest way for a beginner to stay a beginner is if basic concepts are not understood.

    With that said, when you work on any project with pre-existing standards, you should maintain those standards unless you see reason not to. In general, those standards exist for good reason, and to use your own set of standards (or none at all) could make the code confusing at best and buggy or lacking proper security at worst.
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  6. Yeah. I meant more something like the wp_redirect() function - https://core.trac.wordpress.org/browser/tags/4.4.2/src/wp-includes/pluggable.php#L1197 - you would use rather than the PHP redirect functionality - http://php.net/manual/en/function.header.php - as it is slightly easier to grasp.

    If that makes sense. I mean be aware of the PHP behind it, but be aware that WordPress does things a lot easier, and you should use that instead of pure PHP, particularly if you're using the code on live site.
  7. I used Pippins Plugins website for a few months and it really improved my plugin and theme building skills. I'm definitely more of a designer than developer and was always scared of plugin development but Pippin's videos and Tutorials helped me understand enough so I now have the confidence to try building things.
    It comes at a small reoccurring cost but its well worth the money.
  8. You're learning from one of the best Steven. Pippin's pretty much a blueprint for success that we all want to copy!
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