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Wordpress preview appears different from actual website?

Discussion in 'General WordPress Related Discussions' started by Manisha Pattni, Mar 28, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have started using wordpress recently as part of my job for my company website.

    I click on preview and the header writing shows- all that should show shows, however, when I to the actual website both the head title and picture (on the right) is missing. I have already pressed update.

    Please help!

  2. Hi Manisha.

    Can you expand a little on what you are updating.

    Are you updating the website design or an article? Are you using a drag and drop page builder or are you editing a page template?

  3. Hey @Manisha Pattni do you have a caching plugin? Do clear your cache and reload
    If that doesn't sort it out, you may be hitting a bug or plugin compatibility issues.
  4. Problems like this are usually caused by either theme or plugin conflicts.

    Make sure your theme and plugins are up to date with their latest versions.

    Try disabling all plugins. If that works, activate them one by one until it stops working, then skip to the next plugin until your sure what plugin or plugins are causing the problem.

    If it's still happening when no plugins are activated try switching to the default theme "Twenty Sixteen", then test. If it's still happening then I'd suggest submitting a bug report to the Wordpress team.
  5. Your website is responsive, correct?
    If so, I suspect it's on "width" you set for for the right sidebar in your css.
    It might have overriden it being the whole site's responsive'ness.

    Try to check it on that angle.
  6. Deactivate all of your plugins and check if that problem resolved, If yes? then activate each plugin one by one and test which plugin is creating this problem
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