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Yahoo Discontinuing Smush.it

Discussion in 'WordPress News' started by Kevin Muldoon, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. I saw a notice on my dashboard today from WPMU Dev that advised that Yahoo are discontinuing their Smush.it image compression service.

    WPMU DEV also state in the notice message that they are offering a very good discount to those who sign up for one of their memberships. But they asked not to share it around, so you will have to find out more about that yourself :)

    I am disappointed that Yahoo are stopping Smush.it as it's a plugin I use on my blog. Hopefully WPMU DEV can offer a free version of it in the future.

  2. Wow, that is really disappointing. I've been using Smush.it on my sites for years.

    Glad WPMU DEV is on it. I wonder why Yahoo chose to discontinue it?
  3. I always meant to take an in-depth look at smush.it (all I've ever done is to optimize all images manually in Photoshop before I upload them) ... guess I can cross that off my list of things to do at least. :)
  4. I suspect it was a drain in resources and was not sufficiently profitable enough for them.

    I always optimise my images in Photoshop too, however Smush.it always seem to optimise them a little bit more.
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    Wow surprised by that. I do most of my compression beforehand like you guys too in Photoshop.

    For clients I use kraken, best compression ratio and quality I have found so far. It isn't free but well worth it.

    But just recently was told about a new one from TinyPNG. They launched a free WP plugin. https://wordpress.org/plugins/tiny-compress-images/ Looks like 500 free image compression's per month. For most bloggers this is probably enough. I haven't tried it yet but I used their website compression tool before and it worked good, so I am assuming their WP one is probably just as good. The reviews on the plugin are very good so far.

    Pretty good pricing...
    • First 500 images per month free
    • Next 9 500 images per month$0.009 per image
    • Over 10 000 images per month$0.002 per image
    Anyone try this plugin yet?
  6. I'm sure you're right, Kevin, although with so many users I wonder if they couldn't have found a way to make it profitable. Hm.

    Brian, that TinyPNG one looks pretty good. I'll probably give it a shot.
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  7. Google have a bad track record with things like that too. They have launched many services that were later dropped. Their hugely popular RSS reader is a good example of this.

    Nice find Brian. I expect this plugin will be getting a large increase in installs over the next few months.
  8. Yes!! Still miss Google Reader :/
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  9. Me, too!
  10. Can anyone explain how discontinuing smush.it will affect my site. I have the plugin. Will the images that have been "smushed" get undone once the plugin is disabled?
  11. No, I believe that images that have been smushed will remain optimised (though I cannot find anything online to confirm this).
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