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Your email solution

Discussion in 'Freelancing' started by Boris Beo, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. #1 Boris Beo, Oct 7, 2014
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    I'm interested to know what you guys use for your email accounts.
    • Google Apps, Zoho or any other pay per user solution?
    • IMAP/POP3/webmail on your own server/host
    • Something else, name it
    I'm interested in the reasoning behind it.

    I really enjoy the Gmail app for iOS/Android, as it pushes email to my phone for all my mail accounts. However, Google Apps is a paid service now, and although I have a grandfathered account, I am expecting Google to start charging anyday now :)

    Their "pay per user" model just isn't set up right for online entepreneurs. Instead of giving you 30GB and allowing you to distribute that over multiple mailing boxes (e.g. mailbox domain A 10GB, mailbox domain B 20GB), they simply charge per mailbox. Anyone owning multiple domains and requiring multiple mailboxes will end up paying a large portion of money.

    So I am slowly looking into alternatives.

    There's an app called CloudMagic that does an amazing job of allowing you to read your IMAP/POP3 email on your phone (it looks as good as Gmail's app if not better), but since they have no desktop version, the alternative is to use Outlook (which I've overgrown a long time ago) or even worse, webmail such as SquirrelMail (which takes me back to the 90's).

    Your thoughts?
  2. I currently use Google Apps to push email to Gmail. I only pay a few dollars per month for it. Think it's £2.50 per month.

    For many years, I would simply use an email forwarder to forward email to Gmail. However, I switched to Google Apps as I did not want any hosting issues to affect emails being delivered.
  3. Yes, it's £2.50/€4/$5 a month, so that's not a lot. However, I need to re-think my mailbox structure :) Keep what I really need and forward the mailboxes that receive an email once a month.
  4. Do you know of any services that track the volume of emails received through each email address?

    I have too many email addresses too. I usually set up a unique email for each website I create, but in many situations my gmail email address would be sufficient. I reckon I could get rid of several email addresses.
  5. I should research that, haven't come across a service like that ;) I am the same, at least one unique mailbox per project, and usually more as I like to split my activities over several mailboxes: one for general things, one personal, one for social activities, etc. With pay-per-user model, I would end up paying more that needed.

    I'll probably bring it back to one email account and set up aliasses to forward my emails.
  6. That is how I handle it just now. I use Google Apps to forward a dozen or so aliases to Gmail. Works really well.
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