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Zerif Lite Suspended From Wordpress Theme Directory

Discussion in 'WordPress News' started by Kevin Muldoon, Sep 19, 2016.

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  1. Zerif Lite, one of the most popular free WordPress themes has been removed from WordPress.org. The theme had over 200,000 active installations.

    I've met the developer of the theme Ionut Neagu at the European WordCamps. Ionut posted about his side of the story in a transparency report.

    On WP Tavern Sarah Gooding noted that team review member Justin Tadlock has said that Zerif Lite had been found of a dozen violations.

    One of the key points in this was about psuedo custom post types. The theme had always used them and WordPress.org later brought in rules against them.

    ThemeIsle refused to remove them unless a good solution was found as it would have meant that 200,000 websites would have been messed up. They stuck to their guns on this so that website owners would not end up with a broken theme. As a result of this, WordPress suspended the theme.

    To complicate matters further, ThemeIsle have no way of contacting users to advise them of all of this. They have therefore produced a plugin to help with the transition.

    Ionut has noted that the loss of Zerif from the WordPress.org theme store could see his company's revenue drop 50% from $70,000 per month to $35,000.

    It's a shame that it came to this. I don't think anyone wins from this. I do understand that WordPress cannot be seen to allow one developer to break the rules for so long, but I also think ThemeIsle have a valid reason for not wanting to remove those post types as it would have broken user's websites and subsequently created an avalanche of mayhem from 200,000 disgruntled website owners.

    Check out the articles below to read more about this issue:

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